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Unique and proprietary instrumentation to rapidly and effectively print, characterize and validate cell identity, along with determining the purity, viability and potency for preclinical drug development.


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The scientists at Cellular Life Sciences have a wealth of 2D & 3D bioprinting, tissue engineering, cell seeding, genomic & protein analysis and nano-liter dispensing application-based expertise that they would like to share with you.

BOB体育官方入口-Whether you are involved in the life science or biotechnology research community, our products will enable you to perform complex, high volume experiments at a lower cost and in less time than traditional techniques. You will achieve faster and less expensive drug discovery.

Sphere Fluidics

Announcing Exclusive Partnership with Sphere Fluidics

Cellular Life Sciences is proud to announce the signing of an exclusive partnership with Sphere Fluidics Limited, Cambridge, UK.  This partnership will cover the United States marketplace and provide for the sales and support of all Sphere Fluidics instruments and technology.  

Sphere Fluidics provides industry leading novel single cell analysis systems for the rapid screening and characterisation of single cells. Their patented picodroplet technology is specifically designed to increase chances of finding that rare molecule or cell that can lead to a life-changing medicine.  Sphere Fluidics is developing a technology platform that enables discovery in a range of growing markets through single cell analysis. Our systems make the development of new biopharmaceuticals faster and more cost-effective, improving monoclonal antibody screening, vaccine development, cell line development, and overall research efficiency in a number of other applications including synthetic biology, single cell diagnostics, prognostics and single cell genome editing.

BOB体育官方入口-The Cyto-Mine® Single Cell Analysis System is the first integrated, benchtop system to automatically analyse, sort and dispense millions of individual cells in just a single day.

For more information please visit them at  www.spherefluidics.com




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