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Analytical Sample Identification

Identity Raman Plate Reader

Identity Raman Spectrometer

Cellular Life Sciences combined recent technology advancements in the miniaturization of spectrometers, data storage, laser technology, robotics and automation and developed the Identity Raman Plate Reader, enabling high throughput sample measurement into microtiter plates or slides.

The Identity Raman Plate Reader is an innovative microplate reader based upon the power of Raman Spectroscopy. The Identity uses either high performance 532 nm or 785nm laser sources and a spectrometer to automatically obtain Raman emission from liquid samples in variety of plate formats.

Sample Preparation

MicroSys - Liquid Handling System

MicroSys – Liquid Handling System

The MicroSys liquid handling system, utilizing proprietary non-contact synQUAD™ technology, automates TaqMan, SNP, and genotyping reaction preparation in 384 well plate formats and consequently has become an essential tool for large scale genotyping projects.

MicroSys helps to minimize routine bench work and automate the initial extensive volume reduction gradient to determine if reactions can be performed at lower volumes.

2D / 3D Cell Bioprinting


CellJet Cell Printer

Today there are many different 3D cell printers on the market resonding to a high demand for live cell printing for customizable live cell arrays, tissue engineering iofabrication / bioprinting research and other applications.

Cellular Life Sciences offers the ONLY 3D cell printer on the market with 95% live cell viability! It is the CellJet Cell Printer. The CellJet Cell Printer incorporates proprietary liquid dispensing technology, offering both on-the-fly and drop-by-drop non-contact cell printing while maintaining the highest viability of even the most delicate cells.

Why waste your investment of time and revenue with anything else?

Sphere Fluidics Single Cell Analysis



The next generation single cell analysis system for antibody discovery and cell line development.

  • Rapidly identify and isolate your rare cells of interest.
  • Extensive proof of monoclonality for cell line development.
  • Tens of millions of cells in pools or hundreds of thousands individually are screened in a single day.
  • Flexible assay design allows quantitative measurement of antibody secretion.
  • The entire process is automated, sterile and Animal Origin Free. The Benchtop system is compatible for use in Class II biosafety cabinets.
Sphere Fluidics
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